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Product Description


OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is a four-player co-op action FPS, where you and your friends fight the dead as well as the living. Set in The Walking Dead universe and created together with Robert Kirkman, you and your group try to survive in a post-apocalyptic Washington D.C.


Inspired by Robert Kirkman's original graphic novels, OVERKILL's The Walking Dead draws from everything that the rich universe holds, creating a unique mix of OVERKILL and The Walking Dead

Teamwork is highly important, so make sure your party is on the same page when it comes to what character to play and what weapons to wield

Weapons are crucial, and they wear and tear just as the world around you. Throughout the city you can find add-ons and attachments, such as scopes and silencers, to increase your weapon efficiency

The camp is where you plan your next steps. You need to keep it and the people inside safe

For each successful mission, you will gain experience and earn weapons at the same time as more and more pieces of each character's background unfold

OVERKILL's The Walking Dead is all about tension and fear. Actions have consequences, and every sound you make risks pulling the horde closer

For one player and up to four players support in co-op mode

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